5 natural face packs for all skin types!

5 natural face packs for all skin types!

Who doesn't long for having skin that feels fresh and glowing, perhaps nobody! Having truly flawless skin is a gods gift that is the thing that our teenage self believed yet it’s not always having skin that looks picture-perfect but is more about working on ourselves towards achieving those skin goals. 

Pause! What? Working our direction towards healthy skin seems as though going to costly salons and getting our skin treated with a ton of nasty synthetics and toxins? The simple answer to it is no! Since here we have listed probably the best natural face packs ever that you could add into your skin care routine that is easy to apply and extremely viable, the best part is these natural face packs can also be used to scrub your skin, and also could supplant your daily face cleansers.

Natural face scrubs come with the advantage that they are in powdered form and hence they can be used to scrub our eyes and lips region, these natural face scrubs, being free from hard shells act very gentle on the skin.

That is the reason these natural face scrubs are known as complete face scrubs.

So, let's get to know how one could incorporate these little delights of nature into their skin care routine! 


How to identify combination skin type: this skin type ordinarily feels slick on the T-zone of your face and feels dry on other parts.

The face pack that is specific for normal skin type could be an extraordinary choice to test, you can consolidate this pack with rose water or aloe vera gel for a fresher look, for the combination skin you might go for multi-masking (applying face pack for oily skin on the T-zone and face pack for normal skin for other parts of the face)


  • Wipes out dirt and toxins.
  • Exfoliates skin, getting rid of the dead skin cells.
  • Diminishes dark circles, pigmentation and stubborn spots.

    How to identify oily skin type: the oily skin doesn't feel oily immediately after your clean up, however with time the oil builds up on your skin giving your face a shiny appearance.

    The face pack that is specific for oily skin can be your best approach, ensure you merge this pack with agents that don't over saturate your skin yet gentle moisturizers like honey or gel-based moisturizers like aloe vera gel can be an incredible choice that would cause your skin to feel healthy.


    • Clears the clogged pores by removing excess oil.
    • Contains multiple nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin E, Omega 3, fatty acids & zinc that assist in combating acne and reducing blemishes.

    How to identify dry skin type: dry skin feels harsh and particularly in the wake of showering one might encounter that their skin feels tight, you can likewise endeavor to utilize a tissue paper, following 3 to 4 hours of face wash; delicately pat it on various areas of your face to check if there are any traces of oil visible if no, that confirms dry skin.

    A face pack for dry skin can be consolidated with moisturizing agents like raw milk or yoghurt and that will work wonders.


    • Hydrates and moisturizes skin making it smoother and supple.
    • Eliminates redness and itching of the skin.

    How to identify acne-prone skin type: if you experience constant breakouts and clogged pores, then, you are likely to have acne-prone skin

    The face pack for acne-prone skin can be incorporated with gentle moisturizing and antibacterial agents like tea tree oil, as it helps in controlling excess oil, production of sebum, and dries out breakouts, alleviating the irritation. You can likewise add rose water for effective outcomes.


    • Expunges acne-causing bacteria preventing infection and spread of acne.
    • Soothes irritated skin.

    How to identify anti-ageing skin type: the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over the face, dull skin, and uneven skin tone with visible pores indicates skin maturing.

    As the name suggests this natural face pack is specially made to delay fine lines and wrinkles and that doesn't infer that you want to utilize it when your age starts surpassing 50 years; however, one should fuse this anti-ageing face pack into their skin care routine simply in their late '20s to mid '30s. As the process of skin maturing is induced nearly at the age of around 30 years and become apparent 10 to 15 years later on the skin. Thus, how about we prepare our skin from the age of 30 and begin utilizing this anti-ageing face pack to look naturally youthful.

    The face pack for anti-ageing skin can be consolidated with agents like honey or rose water. Additionally, one should incorporate face oil in their skin care routine to purge out fine lines and wrinkles.


    • Assists in delaying the process of formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Curtails cell damage due to free radicals.
    • Helps prevent skin sagging, by boosting the skin tightening process.

    Natural skincare needs a ton of patience for having flawless skin, yet is a kind of skin care routine that would have a credible impact without harming your skin, dissimilar to the skin care routine that comprises a huge load of synthetic substances lending quick outcomes however damaging the skin over the long haul.