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Yes of course, you can use these scrubs daily as these products neither contain any hard shells of almonds or walnuts nor any micro plastic beads. These scrubs are smooth and gentle on the skin for everyday use.

Yes, we do. Contact us on | +918889553872 for getting consultation.

No, it is nothing like that. It has been proved that lather or foam is not necessary to clean the skin.

You can mix the scrub powders with milk, curd, water or rose water and scrub your skin out of it. You can skip soaking and drying the pack step. Just using it as a cleanser helps too.

The silica beads packet has been added just to absorb moisture and humidity and to prevent any mold formation in the scrubs and orange peel powder. No other use of silica packets is recommended here.

Our face oil is different because we have used three cold pressed oils and infused them with saffron, star anise and fenugreek seeds that are best for one's skin and add intense moisture to dehydrated or mature skin, sun-damaged textures to promote natural radiance.

Yes, you can apply this face oil directly on your face as it is not an essential oil.

Yes of course, you can use this face oil as night cream, daily moisturiser, under eye cream and lip balm /gloss

Each type of skin and scalp needs nutrients. If you have oily skin, keep the hair oil for 3-4 hours and then wash off. Don't leave hair oil overnight on your hair.

Yes, apply a generous amount of KANAKAM pain relief oil on your belly and give a gentle massage. Results may vary person to person.

Yes, you can use as these products are completely natural but still be safe on your side and consult your dermatologist before use.

Yes, kanakam’s all products are made for men and women both.

You can know your skin type by following these simple steps :-
Step -1) Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and remove all dirt and impurities.
Step-2) Pat your face dry with a soft towel. Don't apply moisturiser and let your skin perform naturally.
Step-3) After 15-20 minutes, look at your skin and note in which category you are :
Not too much oily or dry skin - Normal Skin
Itchy and tight skin - Dry Skin
shiny and greasy skin specially in T-Zone - Oily Skin
T-zone is oily but other face is dry - Combination Skin

You can go through the product description that has complete ingredient list or contact us at or +91-888-9553-872 for consultation.

yes, we provide 😊

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