All you need to know about: the Pre-bridal skin care routine!

All you need to know about: the Pre-bridal skin care routine!

A wedding day is probably the most important day in every girl’s life, the bride needs to put her best self forward whilst dealing with the nerves that accompany the much anticipated day. To have the perfect skin on the wedding day is a crucial thing and for that bridal skin care is essential for the bride-to-be. But the concern is what is the perfect bridal glow? 

Well, the bridal glow is a thing of beauty, and a lot of women will spend a fortune to achieve it, but what is the secret behind achieving it? How do we change our daily routine into the pre-bridal skincare routine and what could be the perfect wedding skin care? This blog will look at all the aspects of bridal care and tips for bridal skin care to achieve that blissful bridal glow!

The secret of the bridal glow lies in the natural skin care routine that includes 3 components: nourishment, care and time, so this wedding season should be about you incorporating these components into your pre-bridal skin care routine. 

Following a face care routine

The perfect bridal care lies in taking care of your skin constantly, the bride-to-be must follow the CTM (cleanse, tone, moisturize) rule during the night and the daytime. Use a good gentle cleanser (according to your skin type) wedding season is not the time to experiment your skin with synthetics as it may not suit your skin resulting in breakouts, so switch to some natural face oil for toning and moisturizing purpose, massage your face and lips gently using the face oil with tools like jade roller or Gua Sha or you could simply use a cold spoon, this shall help you get rid of all the fine lines and wrinkles on your face making the oil penetrate in your skin bestowing it a glow!

Don’t forget the dry parts of your skin

A bridal skin care routine must include body care too, no one would want to have a dull body with a gleaming face on their wedding day! Use gentle body scrubs to get rid of all the dead skin cells from your body and to remove the tan followed by massaging your body with massage oil to moisturize and relax those muscles as it will also add up to the facial glow. Follow this twice/thrice a week.

Care for your hair

Your hair represents the moment of truth, it can make or break your bridal glow, so it is vital to follow a hair care routine. Simple tips can help you manage your hair that may include, just how your mom would suggest; massage your hair with a good hair oil twice a week and additionally, you can attempt this DIY HAIR MASK: Add orange peel powder into your oil and apply the paste to your scalp and hair, as the antioxidants and vitamins present in it would make your hair look and feel great!

Detoxify your body from the inside

Pre-wedding skin care is not just about the standards that you follow on the outside but the inside is important too, start your mornings with a dose of warm water with honey and lemon that would assist you with detoxifying your skin from within, trailed by a session of peace of mind that shall include meditation for at least 10 minutes, as being a bride is certainly stressful and taking some time out for yourself is essential. 

With the right products and correct bridal care, you can look and feel incredible! So, there you have it with this, we know that you can get your wedding skin care in check and would have that perfect bridal glow ahead of your big day. We wish you enjoy all that life has to offer you as you plan for your big day!