Our story

An initiative taken by two women, to bring about a change in society by introducing more natural skin and hair care products, wanting to highlight the ancient Indian “nushkas”.



KANAKAM means gold (sona) 

As the name suggests, the products of this brand are natural and pure, proving to be a useful investment for one’s skin that will give enduring benefits.

Most of its products contain saffron (Kashmiri kesar) which is also known as red gold.

In a nut shell, the products of this brand are as treasurable and valuable for you as gold & saffron are!


How it has been started

What started as our very own homemade DIY’s, made us realise that these can be converted into proper products and can show tremendous results. It was only after multiple rounds of proper testing on different skin types is when we decided to introduce a wide range of our products to the market!



Through Pocket friendly sustainability, Earthy/plant based ingredients, recyclable and non toxic-eco friendly products our vision is to bring back the ancient techniques to the contemporary world.

With sourcing and procurement of clean ingredients from all over India, we proudly take a pledge to serve the very best to our customers.


Happy Shopping!

Team Kanakam