Salon style Hair Spa at Home with Natural Ingredients

Salon style Hair Spa at Home with Natural Ingredients

Hair is the crowning glory of every woman and salon-style hair care is an unquestionable necessity for every girl. But, what if you are not able to visit a salon because of time constraints, or you are not comfortable with going to a public place? This article will tell you how to do salon-style hair care at home.

A hair spa at home is a great way to get salon-style hair care without having to go to a salon. There are many different ways that you can furnish yourself with a hair spa at home, and if you are keen on knowing how would you do that, then keep perusing this blog to know more.

Step 1: Hot Oil Massage

A hot oil massage is a type of scalp and hair treatment that uses oil to soften and condition the hair. It is a popular style of hair treatment in salons, however, it can also be done at home.

For this type of massage, you should warm the oil before utilizing it on your scalp and hair. This will make the hair treatment more effective by allowing the warm oil to penetrate deep into your scalp. You can use any type of hair oil that you like for this hair treatment, but some oils are better than others. Coconut oils and some herbal oils on the lookout are great choices because they have natural moisturising properties that will assist in keeping your scalp hydrated after the hair treatment has been completed.

Step 2: Steam treatment

Steam treatment is an effective way of eliminating dirt and excess oil from the scalp and makes it easier for the shampoo to cleanse the scalp. It also helps in reducing dandruff and getting rid of lice, which is an added advantage.

On the off chance you don’t possess a hair steaming machine, then you could go for the hot towel method for providing steam to hair by soaking your customary towel in hot water and thoroughly draining it and wrapping the towel around your head.

Step 3: Hair masking

Home made hair packs are a great way to care for your hair and make it look healthy again. They can be applied at home or in the salon, contingent upon your objective.

The most important part of the process is to prepare the home made hair pack itself. Contingent to what you need, you can use yoghurt or eggs, orange peel powder, and herbal hair oil. You need to mix these ingredients together until they form a paste-like consistency and then apply them to your hair and leave them on for 15-30 minutes before your usual hair wash with shampoo.

Yoghurt is brimming with protein and calcium, which are pivotal for the health of your hair and orange peel powder contains vitamin C, the integrity of herbal oil won't just condition your hair yet can assist with making your scalp healthier and promoting hair growth.

Step 4: A hair wash

A hair wash can be done using your regular scalp cleanser and conditioner.


There you go, these 4 easy steps will help you achieve salon-like hair at home without visiting the salon. So, follow these steps to get salon-like hair every day! We hope you enjoyed this blog post.