Saffron, known as a flavour, bearing an excellent red tone, however, did you at any point know that it has some amazing properties that would make your skin feel lovely?

Indeed, if not, it's not too late to learn some unbelievable things about saffron and how it is beneficial for our skin.
Saffron has played a remarkable role in the cosmetic industry around the world, many individuals claim that it helps in the reduction of skin break out, irritation and can relieve a ton of normal skin issues and a portion of these claims are even supported by science!
We are here with some of the astounding properties of saffron and how you can add it to your skincare routine, for your assistance we have moreover added links for a couple of products that contain saffron in them and are truly organic that you would want to purchase after perusing this blog and becoming more acquainted with this phenomenal red ingredient- saffron, so you want to buy some organic products? Just hit the link and shop, since who on earth wouldn't have any desire to make their skin look delightful utilizing natural products that are free from harmful chemical substances.



1. Protection from the harmful UV rays.

Indeed! A natural ingredient is hanging around for your rescue from the dreadful UV rays.


With regards to skin wellbeing, the essential aspect that everybody should deal with is to shield their skin from UV radiation as it promotes the production of free radicals that result in oxidative stress and damage your skin by accelerating the ageing of the skin.

How does saffron help?

As per a 2018 lab study, Crocin which is an active compound in saffron has powerful antioxidant properties, which are proven to reduce oxidative stress by neutralizing the free radicals, the study likewise proposes that crocin can protect against the UVA and UVB radiations that are accountable for premature skin and early skin maturing.


2. Fights inflammation.

The inflammation is also brought about by oxidative stress, which is the beginning of numerous diseases that likewise includes the inflammatory conditions of the skin.

How does saffron help?

As per the 2018 lab study, crocin is the key for battling against this oxidative stress and inflammation as mentioned above, in like manner, it additionally is proven to smother the expression of various inflammatory proteins.


3.  Diminishing hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is the pigmentation or the area of the skin that becomes darker than the encompassing skin which is brought about by the excessive production of melanin which is responsible for obscuring the shade of your skin and hair. There are a ton of reasons why you could foster hyperpigmentation. A portion of those incorporate scarring, direct exposure to the sun, or it may very well be your nasty hormonal changes.

How does saffron help?

As indicated by a 2013 human analysis, it was found that our legend 'crocin' again can help in diminishing melanin production, which works by smothering the fundamental compound for the melanin production called tyrosinase.


One little ingredient has so many unimaginable advantages, yet how might you utilize saffron in your skincare routine? Indeed, we have the way into your uncertainty; we have proposed a few products that you could add to your skincare routine that are organic and would make your skin feel just incredible.


How can you add Saffron in your Skincare Routine?                                       

Use of saffron for skin


1.  Saffron Oil.

 Saffron oil comes from the C.sativus flower, which is the bloom that is dried to acquire saffron, it's made by extracting oil from the stigma of the flower. 

The saffron oil comprises crocin and henceforth it can battle against all the skin imperfections that are referenced previously.

2.  Saffron face pack.

 The saffron face packs consist of saffron in a powdered form, which includes our legendary ingredient 'crocin' which not only exclusively is valuable to battle against skin issues yet additionally face packs themselves are extremely convenient as you can combine your face pack as indicated by your skin type.


For example on the off chance that you have dry skin, you can combine your pack with milk which would furnish moisture to your skin alongside the benefits of saffron that enter your skin, and if you have oily skin you could consolidate your pack with rose water to make a refreshing face pack, similarly, you could utilize basil powder, sandalwood powder and make a pack that is perfect for your skin type!


These were some of the benefits of saffron that you presumably didn't know about, however since you have now, what are you waiting for?

Simply proceed to add saffron into your skincare routine for having skin as fabulous as you are!